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A Brief Style Guide for Dudes

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When did men have to start worrying about fashion? Probably since the beginning of civilization. Everyone is judged by their looks, particularly by the way they dress, even men. When you go to work, for interviews, meetings, various events, or even when hanging out with your mates, what you wear sends a message to the world about what kind of person you are. Surely, it’s not fair to judge a book by the cover, but that’s not how society works. If you are a dude, upgrade your public persona with these style tips:

Stop Wearing Too Many T-Shirts with Logos

You may think it’s totally rad wearing t-shirts all the time with huge logos of brands. It’s not. Tees with logos may be acceptable on teenagers, but for grown men, they should be limited to home on laundry day. The problem with logo tees is that they tend to make the wearer look like a walking, talking billboard. Therefore, switch to regular tees. You can still make a point with statement t-shirts.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Do make sure you own really good footwear. You may not need a roomful of shoes, but every man needs a pair of elegant and sharp looking shoes. You need a good pair each for formal occasions, semi-formal occasions like business meetings, and you also need clean shoes in good condition for casual outings. Gym shoes are for the gym, not for the pub or the park. Even if you don’t realise it, everyone notices your shoes. And not just the women. Your boss has definitely noticed them too. If your choice in footwear has been truly terrible, do start shopping around for men’s boots Australia now.

Keep Your Facial Hair Neat

No matter how handsomely you dress, it will all go to waste when paired with an unkempt or un-groomed beard. So, learn to shave right. Managing a clean shave will be easier. But if you want to grow a beard, you should definitely do so as long as you know how to maintain it properly. A quick tip for getting the perfect shave: use a classic double-edged razor.

Choose Patterns

That’s right: patterns. And yes, they are manly. Don’t limit yourself to wearing single shaded tops. Once in a while, do choose a patterned shirt. However, do not buy too many items in the same pattern. Whenever you are about to spend money on a patterned clothing item, always ask yourself if you have the same patterns back home in your wardrobe.

Go Dark Blue When It Comes to Jeans

Nowadays, jeans are available in all sorts of shades. Light blue is the classic shade for jeans. However, only wear light blue jeans if you want to make a statement as a cattle rancher. If not, go with dark blue or indigo shaded jeans for smart and good-looking casual wear. Don’t buy jeans in black. Just buy black trousers instead.

Buy Pants

Are you one of those men who only wear jeans or business outfit trousers? Then that needs to change. Do diversify your bottoms wardrobe with slacks, cargo pants, and chinos. You will be able to sport different styles in this manner. Also, make sure you have trousers available in a number of colors, including the essential black and brown.

Additionally, do read a book in style as well. It will help you improve your fashion style choices immensely.

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