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Let’s Vogue: The trends in women’s shoes

Who doesn’t love shopping?  Even the people that claim not to, most certainly rejoice the new pair of shoes that just make the world seem new. Women love to feel pampered by new shoes. With an array of options available in the market, there’s something for everyone, right from the chic girl to the tomboy. This year’s fall fashion is all about shoes. Online shoes purchase on shopping sites and store outletsare loaded with girls’ shoes.  

Velvety boots

Whether long or short, velvety boots deserve a space in your collection this season. These ones will add the touch of luxury to refine your look. The feminine velvety boots should be worn tight around the ankles. They can also be used in platforms and pumps.Image result for Let’s Vogue: The trends in women’s shoes

Laced shoes

While lace-up gladiators stole the show this summer, they have continued to demonstrate their magic this winter season as well. They perk up the look and can be used in open toe boots as well as pointed toe boots.


Mules are the new trend. The chic footwear comes in flats as well as heels. With their pointed toes, they make you go wow the moment you look at them. You can buy them in velvet, suede, or leather.             

Block heels

Retro is back with a bang! Block heels have become even more popular as people are going for ‘comfort along with style’ mantra. Block heels can be tweaked into different styles and can be used with lace up shoes, with pointed and velvety shoes, and even with combat boots in addition to chic boots.

Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots have always remained among the trendy shoes for women, but what’s new is that they have been tweaked into voguish style with lace up thigh high boots and velvety boots. These also come in open toes and go well with knitted stockings.

Patent leather shoes

Patent leather is so much in vogue this season. Patent leather looks great on a variety of footwear like loafers for a classy formal look. This type of leather is so versatile that it goes beyond loafers and suites pointed to e sandals as well as boots. It is the gloss you need this season!


With the world going crazy over the Adidas Stan Smiths, sneakers have become a major hit that goes with a lot of dresses. Apart from the white Stan Smiths you can find great patent leather sneakers, suede sneakers, metallic faux leather sneakers and the list goes on. You could go for trainers that look great with both dresses and jeans. Embellished trainers are also a big hit for those wanting to combine style and comfort. Also, check out the new Nike Cortez sneakers.

Ladies grab yourcoat and rush to your favorite store for those fabulous pair of boots to complete your look or, maybe, just grab your coffee and start shopping online. Totally your call! But do have these show stoppers in your wardrobe.

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