Look Gorgeous with Steam Hair Straightener

Steam hair straightener become popular hair styling tools. This tools could make your wavy or curly hair become straight. Steam straightener almost same with regular hair straightener. Both of them covered in two plates of ceramics. The difference is, for steam straightener, the tools added with bristles and built-in water tank while regular straightener didn’t have it. Before using steam straightener, you must filled the built-in water tank with 15-30 ml water and choose the temperature.

Steam Hair Straightener
Steam Hair Straightener

Steam straightener care better than regular straightener

It sound that you need extra time to filled this tools with water and setting the temperature before using. Although you need more time to styling your hair with this tools, you won’t be disappointed with the best result for your hair. Steam hair straightener would care your hair better than regular straightener.

In regular straightener, hair become straight from the ceramic’s heat. At this point, your hair could be burn if you use high the temperature. That’s different when you use steam straightener. The water in built-in water tank would steam your hair and the bristles will make it straight.

The best steam hair straightener from Aibushuo hair straightener uses Argan Oil to straighten your hair. Argan Oil would nourishing and hydrating all hair type and give silky smooth looks to your hair.

Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener

 How to look gorgeous with steam hair straightener

If you are beginner for professional steam hair straightener, try the step by step how to use this tools bellow.

  • The first thing that you should do is wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner before steam your hair.
  • Don’t forget to give your hair serum or vitamin.
  • After that, dry naturally or use hairdryer for short in time.
  • Give heat protection spray to your hair.
  • Make your hair into some section depend on the long of your hair or the thickness of your hair.
  • Preheat your steam hair straightener. You should fill the steam straightener with water, plug ini, then switch on. Wait a moment until you get the right temperature.
  • Choose the first section and start to place the steam straightener at the root. With the gently move, pull the steam hair straightener to the bottom. You can make your favorite hair styling in the ends to fall. Do this step again until all of your hair has steam properly.
  • When you are finished, give a serum or oil to extra seen.

Remember to treat steam straightener after use it

When you already have your steam hair straightener tools, you need to make sure that you did the right thing while you styling your hair with this tools. Although steam hair straightener very easy to use, you still need to follow step by step when use it. Before styling your hair with this tools, you need to make sure that your hair in dry condition.

After using your steam straightener, clean your tools from hair residue between the bristles. Wipe the bristles with a lightly damp cloth and store in the box provided. For the water tank, you can use cotton swabs to clean the residue. So, always remember to clean steam straightener before keep store.

This popular hair styling tools, steam hair straightener, would help you make a better day. The steam with constant temperature won’t burning your hair. And the gently bristles won’t snagging and pulling your hair. So, you would have gorgeous look without damage your hair and less pain when styling.

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