Simple Makeup Vanity with Drawers

Makeup vanity with drawers is the right choice for you who have a minimalist bedroom. You can use a drawer that integrates with the dressing table to store a variety of dressing equipment, jewelry, or clothes. This method can make your bedroom or makeup room not full with makeup, makeup tools, or perfume everywhere.

makeup vanity with drawers

Nowadays, there are many models from makeup vanity with drawers. You can choose depend on the size, color, or style. Small makeup vanity with drawers will be a good decision if you have minimalist house or you can choose furniture with white color if you want French country style. Besides that, if you want to make good vibe at your house, you can try to choose a design that is in harmony with the bed and dressing chairs, so that your house will look more conceptual.

If you need more reference before you choose makeup vanity with drawers to fill your house, here some of popular vanity with drawers concept that you can follow.

 Minimalist Makeup Vanity with Drawers and Lighted Mirror

Minimalist Makeup Vanity with Drawers and Lighted Mirror

If you live in a studio apartment, you just have a little space. You need to choose a minimalist furniture to make your room still comfortable for you. In addition to choosing furniture with smaller sizes, you can also choose multifunctional furniture. Some furniture manufacturers began to introduce furniture with several different functions, such as beds with additional shelves for shoes at the bottom.

For those of you who have an interest in makeup, you can think of buying makeup vanity with drawers and lighted mirrors. You can choose a minimalist design but still get a dual function, which is to make it as a dressing table and a place to store things. Try to look for vanity makeup with many drawers that can be used to store your accessories, makeup or clothes.

Rustic Makeup Vanity with Drawers Style

Rustic Makeup Vanity with Drawers Style

For those of you who have a large enough makeup room and like wood furniture, you can try to apply a rustic style to your makeup room. Rustic style was combined farmhouse style with industrial style. It would make your room feel more natural with wood.

Rustic Makeup vanity with drawers will make your makeup time more interesting activity. If you need more glamorous makeup vanity, you could add gold colour in makeup vanity.

Shabby Chic Makeup Vanity Style

Shabby Chic Makeup Vanity Style

Shabby chic design become popular in 80’s till 90’s as combination from vintage French and antique design with softly and slightly femme furnished. Makeup vanity with shabby chic style could be a good choice for your room if you like feminine design. If you need a unique touch, you could pick purple colour than white and finished it with metallic touch. Vintage French chair will make your makeup dresser become perfect spot.

Bohemian Small Makeup Vanity with Drawers

bohemian small makeup vanity with drawers

Bohemian style could be a good decision if you can arrange in a proper way. Not too much and not too little. Bohemian small vanity makeup with drawers could be another options for you that have small space but didn’t like minimalist style

French Country White Makeup Vanity with Drawers

french country white makeup vanity with drawers

White makeup vanity with drawers would make you remember with French Country design. If you decide to make French Country decorating, you could pick radiant warmth and subtlety color. For the furniture, almost of French country design has simple and rustic furniture. Although French Country style wasn’t popular nowadays, this style will make you feel at ease. So, if you need something different you could try this style to your room.


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