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The cool way to use the prints this spring

The pattern has become the trend of the wardrobe male this season. From the flowers to the borders, to the polka dots and any childlike motif, all the masculine garments of the spring are passed through the sieve of the print. We know that many of you are a little afraid to wear a shirt or trousers, so we decided to make this post where we give you all the tips to take them impeccably and have nothing to fear.

Youth, divine treasure

If you are young, have nothing to fear. Take advantage of this fun trend to get all your creativity and mix different patterns in one look, get the riskiest caps from your closet … It’s time to risk the clothes. Do it now.

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Printed shirts

A few years ago, shirts with floral or tropical prints were little more than exclusive land for English tourists on the Costa del Sol. But that has changed and now there is no need to fear to wear this type of shirt. If you dare with the short-sleeved ones, which take a lot this season, you should always hit with the short sleeve (as much as possible) and with the waistline (better adjusted than wide). They are enough to fill a look, so it is best to combine them with neutral pants and shoes.

Mens T-shirts of infinite possibilities

The good thing about printed shirts is that they accept any option. They are very versatile garments and we are very accustomed to seeing almost in any situation. Nobody is surprised to see a printed t-shirt and that may be the biggest advantage for those who are shy about trends. The best option is to combine them with jeans and coloured sneakers without socks, another must of the season.

Fill the beach with flowers

The swimsuit can be another option worth considering for the less daring, as it allows you to fall into the pattern trend without attracting attention. It is curious how a short swimsuit with floral print does not have an apex of social risk and, nevertheless, shorts of street, yes. But that’s the way it is.

Also for adults

The print is not an exclusively juvenile trend. Also, the more serious adults can make use of it with garments like the ones that Massimo Dutti proposes, totally formal and with discrete prints that give a touch of informality to the soberest looks. Does it convince you?

Small brushstrokes

The small strokes of the print can work very well in situations you would not even imagine. For example, do you think you can use the floral print to go to the wedding? You think not? Well take a look at these add-ons and you’ll see how you change your mind.

The riskiest options

These options I like less, but it may be that some of you are the most attractive because they are striking. For example, now that they take both the bomber, you can take advantage and get a floral print. Nor am I much in favour of recharging the looks to the extreme, as some of the followings suggest. We leave them to your judgment.

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