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Top 5 Rivoli Beads types that will make you look amazing

One of the favorite new beads is known as Rivoli beads. To be precise, the Rivoli beads don’t have any hole, therefore they are not really beads. There are several different types of rivoli beads but among them top 5 are listed below:

Non Hotfix Flat Back Rivoli Beads:

The non hotfix flat back rivoli beads have an even surface for fitting to any even surface using an appropriate adhesive. The rivoli non hotfix flat backs beads are offered in an extensive range of color and shapes including the traditional style beads and latest styles.  They could be used to embellish fabrics, nails, clothing, shoes, photographs, phone cases, furniture etc. The Rivoli beads are available in a stunning array of colors and several different cuts. Mainly rivoli beads are foil backed to reflect the light back out of the bead which when combined with the precision cutting of the beads provide them the brand dazzle that you expect from the top quality rivoli beads. These are non-glued and need suitable glue.

Hotfix Flat Back Rivoli Beads:

These rivoli beads have a flat back that is coated through a heat activated adhesive. The rivoli beads are placed on the surface to be bond to and afterwards heated using either an iron or an appropriate applicator. The glue will firmly hold the rivoli beads to an extensive array of materials counting fabrics, card, paper, etc. Materials that might soften or melt under the heat aren’t suitable.  The hotfix rivoli beads provide the just right measure of the adhesive and will usually provide a neater finish as compared to similar non hotfix beads.

Water Lily Rivoli Beads:

These gorgeous stones will certainly spark the creative Juices.  The water lily rivoli beads are somewhat pointed on the both sides.  These are perfect for settings, bezeling, embellishing and wire-wrapping.

Rivoli Star Flatback Beads:

The rivoli star beads are shaped like a star and are available in different colors to fit the needs of the users.

Rivoli Pear Drop Beads:

The rivoli pearl drop beads are molded like a pearl and they are available in variety of shades. They can be used in the beading projects using the glue.

To promote the rivoli beads revolution, a number of businesses have developed particular findings to utilize them more easily into the finished jewelry design. The custom-shaped and -sized metal settings aspect links and loops that transform the  rivoli beads into a bracelet, pendant, or other jewelry items.


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