Using Color Correction Makeup for Flawless Skin

The last few years, professional makeup artists reveal the secret. The secret from flawless makeup is color correction makeup application.  After the tutorial on how to apply color correction makeup from professional makeup artists booming, every woman can try to using color correction makeup techniques to their daily makeup. Over time, the choice of color correction products is also increasing. You can choose the products that suit your facial skin and your budget.

color correction makeup tips

But, did you really know what color correction makeup is? Color correction makeup is a makeup technique that will minimize your face imperfections. If you already use concealer to hide red pimples and feel that your makeup look thick, you will love with color correction. Actually, color corrections have the same function as concealer. But, color correction will help you minimize imperfections such as wrinkles, dark circles, black spots, or acne with natural look.

If you’re a beginner for this technique, let’s get to know step by step using color correction makeup bellow.

color correction makeup guide

Step 1: Applied Primer

The first thing you should do is give a primer or moisturizer to all parts of the face. The first step is important because it will make the color correction makeup applied more easier. Beside that, using a primer or moisturizer is also useful to treat your face.

color correction makeup

Step 2: Applied color correction makeup

After applying primer or moisturizer, saatnya kamu menggunakan color correction makeup to menyamarkan your face imperfection. If this is your first time using color correction, you will be confused with so many colors. You should pick the right color for your face skin problems. The basic things you should know is use color wheel theory to pick color correction makeup.

Know your skin problems, then pick a color that place across from your skin problem. The cross colors will be neutralize your imperfections. For example, you have a pimple and it makes your skin look red you need green color correction makeup to cover the red skin. You can easily find 5 colors from color correction makeup products in the market. Green, yellow, purple, peach, and orange are basic colors that will help you to correct your face imperfection.

  • Green color can be used to overcome facial problems such as acne, acne scars, and various facial problems that make some areas of the face turn red.
  • Yellow color will really help you who have problems with under eye circles. In addition, yellow color correction also help neutralize various skin color problems, such as bruising or covered blood vessels.
  • If you rush in time and you look pale, you can try applying with purple color correction makeup. This color will help your look more fresh. Not only work for covering pale face, you also can use this color to to covering the dull skin.
  • Are you tired and sleepless last night, but need to attend an event today? You can pick peach color correction that can used to covered your tired eyes look. Combination from orange, red, and yellow color will help you have fresh eye makeup for your precious day.
  • Have problems with dark spot in your face? Maybe you already try concealer to cover the dark spot, but you weren’t satisfied with the result. Don’t worry, you will love the result if you use orange color corrections to cover your dark spot. In addition, you will love with natural look after use color correction technique.


Step 3: Finished with concealer or foundation

After you applied color correction makeup, you just need to give the final touch with concealer or foundation. But, you need to careful when pick foundation. It will be better when you choose matte foundation than shimmer foundation. Shimmer foundation can’t blend well with color correction and will make your makeup result look unflatten and thick.

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