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ESPION by Deidre Jefferies


ESPION’ French for the English word ‘spy’  

ESPION is a line of luxury women’s clothing that debuted its Fall/Winter 2011 collection this past February in New York Fashion Week. The electrifying visual received a standing ovation at the emerging designers showcase.

Deidre Jefferies, the Washington, DC based designer, has 10 years experience in the fashion industry. A lifestyle tastemaker, early in her career, her collection was quickly snatched up by fashion stylists for Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Angelina Jolie and Jada Pinkett-Smith. ESPION has been featured in television campaigns, local and national publications including the cover of Honey Magazine with Alicia Keys and the cover of Pose Magazine including a four-page editorial inside.

In the short time since the February 2011 debut of her first solo label, Ms. Jefferies’ ESPION collection has been featured in the current issue of Worn Magazine, on NBC’s “The Feast”, interviewed by the CW Network and received glowing reviews in various fashion blogs and online magazines. The designer is currently wardrobing a feature film starring actors Common, Danny Glover, Meagan Good, Dennis Haysbert and Charles Dutton and the designer is also in production for a television show to air on ABC.

Ms. Jefferies defines her design aesthetic as “the future of classic clothing”. The ESPION collection has unexpected combinations of male and female elements. She finds the beauty in all things masculine and strength in all things feminine. The label is opulent and sophisticated, dark and beautiful. Decadent fur, lambskin, beautiful rich wools, and fluid silks are woven into the designers focused palette. The heirloom quality clothing provides glimpses of every screen goddess, every heiress, every bond girl, every rock star and every woman who has ever brought a man to his knees at the sight of her. The inspiration for the collection was the intrigue and mystery that a woman evokes when she walks into a room. You don’t dare take your eyes away, for you know you will miss something spectacular. The ESPION woman is the woman everyone wants to know, the criminal everyone wants alive.

ESPION will be featured at the 1st Year Celebration of Fashion Delegate on Thursday, May 12th. See upcoming events for more details.

Designer Deidre Jefferies




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