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Fashion Notes: Behind the Scenes with Robbie Myers of Elle Magazine


Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers is a force and mentor in the fashion industry. Since 2000, the mother of two has been the powerhouse behind Elle Magazine and played a major role in changing the landscape of fashion.  

Elle captures the essence of women from many perspectives (mother, daughter, senator, lobbyist, lawyer, doctor, artist etc.) and gives a spark of hope to young girls who strive to be the ‘Elle’ woman…a woman of substance and style. Myers honored the ’Elle’ women of DC last year with the coronation of Elle’s ‘DC Power List’ where she recognized women such as EPA Secretary Lisa Jackson, Philanthropist Jaci Reid, and Lobbyist Linda Daschle.  Myers is intrigued by the power and growing fashion culture in DC and hopes to become more involved as fashion evolves in the district.  Myers recently cohosted a private dinner in DC with Lani Hay and the Creative Coalition (the political advocacy organization of the entertainment industry).  So, will we see more of Elle in DC? And, who will make the power list this year? Stay tuned!!!

Myers’ favorite designers: Calvin Klein, Prada, Theory, and Celine

Favorite newspapers, magazines, websites: Politico, NY Times, Washington Post

Advice: Know yourself….know your point of view….know your craft

photo credit: Phelan Marc and Jessica Hoy (featured photo)
location: Ritz-Carlton, M street, DC
fashion designer for FD: Deidre Jefferies of ESPION

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